Devoted to the history of Alexander the Great and ancient Macedonia

History of Alexander the Great and ancient Macedon
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This community is for All Things Alexander -- his reign, family, friends, marshals, campaigns, successors, and Argead Macedonia itself. Although history is our primary focus, other related discussion (art, fiction, films) is cheerfullly permitted. (Just don't tell us about your dog named Alexander, please.)

This group encourages the participation of anyone, whether amateur or professional.

That said, however, this is NOT the place for political or religious soapboxing and inflammatory posts concerning the Macedonian Question, the Greekness of the ancient Macedonians, Greek homoeroticism as a 'sin,' or random chatter and other spam. Polite discussion of 'hot' topics is permitted, just keep it to formal debate style, not personal attacks. Likewise, this isn't a place to ask us to write your essay question or term paper -- although it's perfectly okay to ask for assistance with research. Posters who engage in the above will have their posts deleted without warning and may, if it continues, find themselves banned.

Yes, one may post fiction or art here related to ATG -- simply be aware that this is a PUBLIC venue, and anything posted publicly is considered previously published and may then be ineligible for professional publication. So the posting of complete works of original fiction intended for sale is strongly discouraged. (Fanfiction specifically related to the upcoming Stone or Luhrman movies is probably better posted to the LJ communities already designated for that; no reason to reinvent the wheel. This group is concerned with ATG generally, not necessarily their ATG.)

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