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Mon, Mar. 22nd, 2010, 09:40 pm
kizzikat: Essay on Hephaestion

I don’t know if anyone will be interested but I’ve written a very long, and doubtless boring, essay on Alexander & Hephaestion’s early years. 


1.                  Age(1) http://kizzikat.livejournal.com/15767.html#cutid1

2.                  Mieza http://kizzikat.livejournal.com/16317.html#cutid1

3.                  The Pages http://kizzikat.livejournal.com/16640.html#cutid1

4.                  The Older Pages http://kizzikat.livejournal.com/17258.html#cutid1

5.                  Age (2) http://kizzikat.livejournal.com/17813.html#cutid1

6.                  Erastes/eromenos (1) http://kizzikat.livejournal.com/18109.html#cutid1

7.                  Erastes/eromenos (2) http://kizzikat.livejournal.com/18197.html#cutid1

8.                  Amyntas http://kizzikat.livejournal.com/18546.html#cutid1

9.                  Alexander of Epirus http://kizzikat.livejournal.com/18884.html#cutid1

10.              The women of Alexander’s family (1) http://kizzikat.livejournal.com/19169.html#cutid1

11.              The women of Alexander’s family (2) http://kizzikat.livejournal.com/19375.html#cutid1

12.              Ages of Alexander’s associates http://kizzikat.livejournal.com/19543.html#cutid1


Tue, Mar. 23rd, 2010 07:54 pm (UTC)

Book list as requested:

Hephaistion Amyntoros: Eminence Grise at the court of Alexander the Great – Jeanne Reames-Zimmerman – 1998 doctoral thesis
Alexander of Macedon by Peter Green - 1970 Penguin Books
Alexander the Great by Robin Lane Fox - 1973 Futura Publications Ltd
The Campaigns of Alexander by Arrian – Penguin Classics
The Age of Alexander by Plutarch – Penguin Classics
The Greek Alexander Romance – Penguin Classics
The History of Alexander by Quintus Curtius Rufus – Penguin Classics
Justin Epitome of the Philippic History of Pompeius Trogus – J C Yardley and Waldemar Heckel 1997 Clarendon Ancient History Series Oxford
Alexander the Great The Invisible Enemy by John Maxwell O’Brien – 1992 Routledge
Alexander’s Lovers by Andrew Michael Chugg – 2006 lulu.com (very useful for reproducing those hard to find quotes such as Aelian)
The Marshals of Alexander’s Empire by Waldemar Heckel – 1992 Routledge (very detailed but dry as dust)
Philip of Macedon by Nicholas Hammond – 1994 Duckworth (my favourite – very readable and full of lesser known detail)

Tue, Jan. 4th, 2011 09:19 am (UTC)

Hi, would you like to tell me where I can get "Hephaistion Amyntoros: Eminence Grise at the court of Alexander the Great – Jeanne Reames-Zimmerman – 1998"? I searched it long time and I can't find it anywhere.
Thank you very much :)

Tue, Jan. 4th, 2011 05:58 pm (UTC)

If you go to this page http://disexpress.umi.com/dxweb and type jeanne reames-zimmerman in the author line and 9915935 in the UMI publication number, that should get you there!

Wed, Jan. 5th, 2011 05:44 am (UTC)

Thank you very much :)