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Sat, Mar. 20th, 2010, 10:21 am
taphoi: The Death of Alexander

Just to let you know that my new book on The Death of Alexander the Great is now becoming available through online bookshops.
This is the second volume of my Reconstruction of Cleitarchus and follows on directly from the first published volume Alexander the Great in India. This new book describes the following main events:

The flight of Harpalus
The Exiles Decree
The mutiny of the Macedonian troops (at Opis)
The death of Hephaistion
The campaign against the Cossaeans
The embassies at Babylon
The funeral of Hephaistion
Dire omens
The death of Alexander
The suicide of Sisygambis
The accession of Philip-Arrhidaeus
The power struggle between the infantry and the cavalry
The first division of the satrapies
The abandonment of Alexander’s Last Plans
The rumour that the sons of Antipater had poisoned Alexander
The transfer of Alexander’s corpse to Alexandria

In addition to the reconstructed text, the book includes a series of separate articles discussing these events and their reconstruction in the Cleitarchan version. For example, this is the first publication of my new theories on details of the construction and iconography of Hephaistion’s pyre.

There is a short sample of two pages of the text from the actual reconstruction in pdf format here

Various sites are already listing/stocking the new book including Amazon.com (USA) and UK Amazon

There are a few more details on the Death of Alexander page on my website here

Now that the reconstruction of the last four books of Cleitarchus' History Concerning Alexander are completed, I am working backwards into the earlier books. I plan that the next (third) volume will contain the three books of Cleitarchus dealing with Alexander’s activities in Afghanistan.

Best wishes,