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Mon, Sep. 12th, 2016, 06:26 pm
mieza: Announcements: public talk and Podcast

I haven't posted here in ages. Real life has eaten me. I'm now both Director of the Ancient Mediterranean Studies Program as well as the Graduate Program Chair at UNO, plus had various family concerns.

But I have two notices that may be of interest. First, Patrick Garvey put together a podcast on several topics surrounding Alexander. I'm one of the interviewees along with Daniel Ogden at Exeter, as well as a Macedonian woman who has some interesting things to say, and Andrew Chugg. They can be found here: http://www.achillesgene.com/podcast

The podcast is one of the more careful, in terms of historiography.

Second, if anyone lives in the Boulder/Denver area, I'll be giving a public talk, "Who's Buried in 'Philip's Tomb'?" at the University of Colorado, Boulder, on October 20th (2016). It's free and open to the public. As some of you ma know, the 40th anniversary of the opening of the tomb is coming up in 2017. There have been some new contributions to discussions of the bones, two articles published in 2016 (Bartsiokas, et al., and Antikas/Antikas-Wynn). They'll be included in my presentation.